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How to obtain an electronic proof of insurance card-Auto Insurance

You can keep rummaging through your glove compartment. Or you can choose a better option: a digital insurance card.

Proof of insurance — that small, usually perforated ID card that arrives in the mail along with your insurance declaration — is designed to be slipped into your car's glove compartment. But it can just as easily slip your mind. If it does, and you're stopped for even the most minor infraction, the consequences could run to hundreds of dollars in fines. In many instances a digital insurance ID card can be substituted for the paper card, but you might want to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Who needs to see my insurance ID card?

There will be times when an insurance ID card is needed – whether in paper or digital form.

DMV: You'll need to provide it every time you renew your license plate.

Police: No matter the reason, if stopped you need to show license, registration — and that little ID card. Without it, you're likely to receive a stiff fine.

Claimants: After an accident, both the other person involved and the officer on the scene will want to see your insurance ID.

Are there substitutes for the ID card?

Unfortunately, nothing can take the place of that little ID card — not your declaration page, not even your most recent insurance payment receipt. Just about everywhere in the country, the law requires that you carry proof of insurance in the vehicle you're driving — and are able to present it to authorities when asked.

How can I get my insurance ID card?

The State Farm® Mobile App, which provides an electronic insurance card, was created especially for those who are prone to file away insurance ID cards along with their insurance declaration — or else overlook them both in the mail pile by the front door. It gives you instant access to electronic insurance ID cards, along with many other helpful and convenient functions. You can even add your electronic insurance card to your Apple Wallet. You may also download or access the insurance ID card on the My Accounts site within statefarm.com®.