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Helpful car insurance tips for college students-Auto Insurance

 When your child goes away to a college and leaves their car behind, there are options to lower your insurance premiums while they're away.

You have plenty of big things to worry about with your child heading off to college — room and board, textbook purchases and the frequency of late-night pizza orders — so you probably haven't done much thinking about the effect on your auto insurance. But learning how your auto insurance works when your child attends a university or college away from home is an important item to consider. If you've worked with them on being a safe driver as a teen, then they might be ready for a car at college.

How does car insurance work when your child goes away to school?

In most cases, you need to notify your auto insurance company about your child leaving for school, even if you are leaving your car at home. Why?

Your child's car could still be covered when they come home for weekends and breaks

College, university and trade school students are typically covered under their parents' car insurance, as long as they live at the same address as their parents when not at school. Review your specific policy to see if your child is covered.

You might qualify for a different (and cheaper) auto insurance rate

Rates may change if your child is driving the car at school rather than leaving it back at home. For example, drivers in urban locations generally pay more for insurance than those in rural areas. If your child is going to school in an urban location, you might have to pay a higher premium if they take the car with them.

You might receive a discount for their grades

Students with solid grades may qualify for a good student discount.

If your child is in college, or heading off to school soon, get in touch with your insurance agent today.